Scratch - Coding basics

Scratch programming is a simple and engaging introduction to the concepts of coding. Scratch is developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and has come a long way with more adaptation and enhancements. The class introduces to the basics of coding with scratch. Students will be introduced to 

  • Programming
  • Applications
  • Scratch components
  • Component usage
  • Scratch tools and features
  • Coding with Scratch extensions


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Scratch coding basics
Duration6 hours ( 3days, 2 hours/day)
Max participants4
Age group 8 – 12 years
Session 1 (onsite)23, 24, 25 Nov 2020 (10:00 to 12:00)
Session 2 (online)9, 10, 11 Dec 2020 (10:00 to 12:00)

Frequently Asked Quesions

Yes, students must bring their own laptop.

If scratch online is used, application is not required to be installed. if the online tool is used and if it is slow, desktop version of scratch may be required to be installed.

Many secondary school have programming snippets as tests for Admission. Introduction to programming will help the student handle the tests. Students will gain structured thinking skills when learning programming.

Scratch is a gui based tool, designed to make things easier for the children. They just drag and drop the components to create games or stories on the computer.